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Bringing the world to our studio.

​We convert digital to real seamlessly

Merging the real

and virtual world.

MergeXR one of the largest virtual production stages in the UK with an integrated, full-service virtual production studio offering services across all stages of the production pipeline - right from the foundational creative development to post-production.

Virtually a Reality.

When we say we make the impossible a reality, we aren't kidding! Filmmakers have reaped the benefits of green screen technology for years now, allowing them to combine live-action with animation and special effects. But now, with LED screen and photo realistic environments, filmmakers can transition from one scene to the next without interrupting the shoot. Nothing is fixed in post anymore, live-action footage can be combined with computer graphics in real-time. All in the very same location!

From Game

Developers to


Born from the vision of award-winning game developers, MergeXR is pushing the boundaries for what is possible with virtual production in film and TV. Our 14 years of mastery using the gaming engine, Unreal 5, has made bringing locations from anywhere in the world to the stage possible.

To say what we do is cutting edge would be an oversimplification. We are changing the game when it comes to film production and real-time VFX. Working with us leaves nothing to chance, our approach enables you to breathe life into your story long before you start filming. You are in complete control of the set dimensions, location, asset placement, and even the exact camera moves. We help you every step of the way to take your story to the next level.


The MergeXR team has extensive experience from Storyboards through to complete movie previs animation using Unreal. Our Previs team will help create a clear vision for your production, saving time and cost whilst streamlining all elements.

Virtual Production Stage

One of the largest LED volumes in the UK, MergeXR can deliver ground-breaking content via Unreal for your movie, TV series or advert. As one of the newest studios, we provide all of the latest tracking, lighting and camera systems….come and visit us!

Motion Capture

From Full body animation, performance capture and facial capture – the MergeXR team can provide a full suite of Motion capture services.

Volumetric Capture

Our brand new Volumetric capture studio is built and being kitted out, it will be ready from August 2022 onwards.

Motion Cradle

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Post Production

We can provide an array of Post Production services, including editing, colour correction, visual effect, graphics and VFX. Contact us for more details.

Integrated Service.

Let's create something amazing!

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